Friday, January 16, 2009

What to bring and when to bring it......

Things to bring tomorrow:
cooler with ice
pie pan/dish
bread pan
Crock Pot
2 baking dishes (or foil dishes)

If everyone labeled their pans and such before they arrived it might solve some of the who's is this confusion we have experienced in past months.

We also need a few toasters and a few large pots for simmering and some chicken cutting implements.

The people would like to get an early start so please arrive at 8:30.


Jolene said...

I will bring a toaster with 4 slots, cooking pans and some scissors for cutting chicken.

Katie Jo said...

i will bring my scissors also!

Angel said...

what size are the baking dishes 9X9 or 9X13? I will also bring sissors and the large mixing bowls.

Suz said...

9X9 will be perfect.

Angel said...

Suz- thanks for all the hard work this month. I'm excited for the new meals. Fun to see everyone again even if it was through the tears-onion induced of course.

Meghan said...

yeah yeah, thanks suz. and everyone else. it was great. that is one of my fav days each months. i also liked the dessert addition (for half of us).