Friday, June 19, 2009


Thank you to everyone for your help today. It was another success! Thanks especially to Jo for her hard work, and allowing us to use her home, when it wasn't even her turn!!

Please leave your tips, and reviews of the recipes in the respective posts below.

Happy Eating!



Suz said...

Thanks for all the pre prep work. I feel like a princess when I walk in and all the work is done for me. Oh wait......maybe I feel like a man!

Meghan said...

it was a lot of hard work and i really outdid myself this month, but well worth the sweat and (onion) tears for the meals.

oh, wait. didn't help a lick.

really, it is so kind of you to count me in when i chopped nary a vegetable and showed up post event. you are the best, and my families tumms thank you.