Friday, June 12, 2009

A Date!

So, I figured I start a new post because the comments were getting to be a bit exhausting on the other post. As Jo mentioned, it's going to be a task getting everyone together at the same time to cook this summer, so I just decided to pick a date. If you can come, we would love to have you, if not, let us know if you want food, and we'll count you in. I will include stromboli, but would love any other suggestions you may have on meal choices. Chicken is not cheap, so the meals will probably be a bit more expensive this go round.

Here's the plan:

Friday, June 19, 2009
4:00 PM
At Jolene's House
(hope that's okay, Jo..let me know)


Suz said...

Count me in.

I would like:
Oriental Casserole NOT
Beef and cheese Quesadillas
Tortilla Chicken Soup

I am also in for the cookie dough extravaganza.

Jolene said...

Ranch chicken
I'm NOT in for the cookie exchange

Meghan said...

Chicken stir fry (but a little more)
Beef & Cheese Quesadillas
and Oriental Casserole.

again, cookies are for me.

TravandNat said...

I'm a NO for the cookies this time around. Jess will be in her adoption class, and would not like food. She's still got a freezer full. Please check with others who may not read the blog as often, to see if they're a go, so that I can get a count for food, and get shopping. I'll let you know what to bring as far as pans, etc. soon. Thanks!!

Kelli Whitney said...

I would like to do cookies exchange How many people does that make doing the cookie? Angel, Suz, Meg, and Kelli?

Suz said...

erin is out of the cookie exchange so it looks like it is 4 of us.