Friday, February 20, 2009

Saturday at 12:30

I have picked meals that are mostly assembly so we should only be a couple hours.

If you would like to bring your own pans you need

  • 3 pans (8x8 square or 9x13 for Suz)
  • 1 pie pan
  • cooler with ice
If you don't bring pans I will provide disposable pans for a small fee (I think they are 50 cents each)

Here is the menu:
  • Pulled pork sandwiches
  • Creamy Italian Chicken
  • Bird's Nest Casserole
  • Cheese Manocotti
  • Creamy Pasta & Ham
  • Salsa Chicken Tortilla
  • Texas Toast (side dish)
  • Tatter Tot Casserole
  • Baked Corn (side dish)
  • Mexican Lasagna
  • BBQ Ribs- Rob requested this so he will be preparing it with a secret sauce

I have bought wheat pasta for Amanda and ground turkey for Meghan. Any other special requests?


Katie Jo said...

This may show my blond roots, but i'm getting confused! Are some of us meeting together and some of us making them at home? And then we are also meeting for dinner? I'm not sure what i want to do. This isn't the vision that i had when i blogged about this idea. It seems like there is a lot of contention here. And i say we go back to how we did this before. Again sorry for stiring the pot! I will think about what i want to do, whether cooking at home or with people at angels. If we cook at home, how do we know which meal we are going to cook?

Adam And Jessica said...

i cant be there this saturday and i dont want to cook at my house by myself. so count me out this time. sorry this make thing hard. i am cutting hair in wyo all day saturday. sorry if there are any problems. but i am up for the next time to cook with everyone.

TravandNat said...

Katie, I am a bit confused too. I will take my pans to Angel's house, and pick up a recipe and the supplies, because I can't be there to cook, and want to try it at home, anyway. Then, we'll meet at Paradise on Thurs. and swap, and enjoy dinner. I guess that is how it will go down.

Maybe next time we should just stick to the original plan. Although, it does sound tempting to do what Angel suggested, and double the amount of food we make, so that we are only getting together once every two months...but then some people will have issues with the freezer space?!?

Angel said...

Sorry to be confusing but I knew Nat was leaving town next week so I thought this was the only week left for this month. I feel bad it isn't working out for some of you. It is very last minute but I don't want the Webb children to be malnurished. I also have several freezer meals left but I can never turn down more meals because I use them all the time. Nat has the plan correct. She will pick up her supplies for a meal to prepare at home and drop off her pans (since she wants her own pans). Then she will come Thurs to Paradise and give us all the meal she prepared and will pick up the rest of the meals at my house after dinner. If you want to cook at home and can't come Sat to get the supplies then just come sometime next week to get the supplies. Or, you can cook your own receipe (fun surprise) and make 9 servings (double for suz). For those of you coming tomorrow plan on being done around 3.
PS= Looks like no cookie exchange this month.

Angel said...

Jo came and picked up supplies for both chicken meals and she will purchase the chicken next week when it goes on sale at Winegars.

Jolene said...

I have a class on Thursday until 6:00 in Clearfield. I could be at Pardise at 6:30, or you could start without me.
Angel was telling me how one of her other groups does the whole cooking thing and it sounded like a great idea. Angel, tell everyone tomorrow and see what they think.

Angel said...

If you would like to mingle, meet us at Paradise at 6:30 on Thurs. Afterwards the Gines girls can pick up their meals at my house. If you can't make it Thurs, call me and we will make arrangements for pick up. Jo has volunteered to host next food group with Jess. We ended up with 10 meals and 2 side dishes for around $64 (some to me and some to Jo for chicken. Those of you who cooked at my house, thanks for a fun and efficient day.

Meghan said...

thanks for all your work ang - and all the prep. it did go fast today and i loved never having to smell meat cooking, and it was fun as always (with the virgicotti). anyway, i am planning to be there thurs night. i haven't told ty yet, but i will before thurs :)

TravandNat said...

Awesome! Thanks for everything, Angel! You worked really hard, and I appreciate it! I will be there on Thurs!

Suz said...

Yes. Thank you Angel! You were so organized and prepared it was quite delightful! I know how much time was spent to make it lovely so THANKS!!!