Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last Minute Plan

SO, here is the plan. Those of you that still want to cook together meet at my (Angel's-1292 N 640 W. West Bountiful) house this Saturday at 12:30 and those of you that would rather cook when it is convenient for you pick up your materials at my house sometime that works for you. We will meet for dinner/lunch sometime next week (does Paradise on Thurs night work for anyone?) to exchange the meals the "home-cookers" are doing and enjoy each others company. I have room in my freezer for storing meals so the people that don't come Sat can pick up their "away-cooker" meals the night of the gathering. Last time we did 10 meals so if everyone is just in charge of one meal it should go rather quickly. Since it is such late notice I will choose the meals according to our supplies and any deals I find. I don't think we have any of the good deal meat left so it may be more expensive this time. Sorry. I will post the menu tomorrow as well as supplies to bring.
Also those that want to make cookies again, I would love to have more. Please write a comment if you want to join in the cookie exchange or not so we can know the amount to bring. Also can someone call Cheryl and Erin and anyone else that doesn't have access to the blog to tell them about the plan? Can't wait to see you Sat.

Something to think about... What if we did twice the amount of meals and met every other month? still with the option that if you can't make it on cooking day or you would rather cook at home you could still pick up the materials and exchange.



Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

I still have a ton of food left so Please count me out this month, but in the months to come I would like to be in group that cooks all together. I would still like to meet with you guys and have a fun night at paradise next Thursday night.

TravandNat said...

I am going to try being a home cooker. I still have cookie dough, so I wouldn't like to be in the exchange.

Thursday night at Paradise sounds good to me!

Thanks, Angel!

Meghan said...

i will need to cook at your house. i just can't be in the kitchen with the babies for any extemded period of time these days. they are a total mess and into everything.

i don't need cookies - still have dough.

somehow this seems like an extra amount of work to do it this way. esp. for the planner to have to arrange and separate the food for the meals.

i didn't vote on the blog, but i will vote now that i like it better the old way. maybe because since i really can't cook at home with my babies, i have to be out of the house 2 times instead of one (which does sound nice, but as a working mom it just takes me away from my kids and husb. even more.)

Jolene said...

I just counted, I have 9 meals left. However, I really need to get better at this NOT going out to eat idea, so I'm in. I will make mine at home and meet you on the 26th at Paradise, with cooler in tow.
I feel bad Angel, I really was going to do the organizing this weekend. (This week was BUSY!) If you are buying the food, everyone should come to your house to pick up their supplies. OR we could all buy what we need for our own and just save receipts. Also, if we are picking food up at your house, maybe those who want their food in specific pans, could drop them off ahead of time with their pans labeled and then when we pick up food, we could pick up pans. I know, sounds like a lot of extra work.
Kelli, I will make your meal if you would like to be in on it this time. She's really not too happy about the whole arrangement.

Angel said...

Jo- No worries. Rob's been home this week and Char is doing better so it was a good week for me to be in charge. I feel bad about the price of meat but otherwise it has been fine.
Kelli- if you still want the meals we can easily make you some and you can pick them up on Thurs.

Katie Jo said...

I don't need cookie dough