Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hope we have some good eats!

All the meals we made this month are posted below. All these recipes are on their maiden voyage so who knows how good the cooking directions are. Please post feedback after you eat so we can see if we should keep or delete these recipes. If any that are going to transfer funds need my account number..let me know.

Since we are going to cook separately and then gather to swap from now on, someone needs to decide how often we want to do it. It might be easy if we set up a standard day (Second Tuesday of each month for example) so we don't have scheduling chaos. Maybe we could meet for a late dinner after kids are in bed and it is easier to leave the homestead? The people at my house could care less if I am around so long as they have food and cable so you young mommas need to decide what works best.



Meghan said...

i am excited. i love having a full freezer again. thanks for stepping in and saving the day. i already deposited.

i am a big fan of thursday or friday nights, or after 11 for cooking. also, those times are great for dinner too.

tuesday is the only night i can't do much as ty is at a meeting every week until about 10pm. i do like the idea of going at 8pm if it were mon or wednesday night. Also, going that late we avoid messing with char's therapy schedule. (see how i am using that to make it sound like i am not the most high maintenance, even though i prolly am?)

my 1st vote would be for a thursday eve at 8pm.

Angel said...

I vote for Thur, Fri or Sat so when the babes are in bed I don't have to leave them alone.

TravandNat said...

Thursdays work for me! I can't do any other day..really!

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reginag said...

I look forward to that, my friends and i also has some gatherings.

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